About Me

Hi there! If you have gone through my blog, you might already know that my name is Rhea Nakwal. But here, I wanted to share more about myself and why I started this blog.

About RHEA

To keep it simple, I’m just a girl in her twenties who is still trying to figure out her life and loves to try out new things. As for my nature, I’m a bit emotional person, which has got me both good and bad memories. It has helped me develop good bonds with my family and friends, but also kept me anxious sometimes. During those difficult times and even in my everyday life, I try to keep my mindset positive by doing things I really like, which are listening to music, reading articles, going for a jog, talking to people, and trying out new things.

From my college days, I started gaining interest in reading more about contemporary world issues ranging from geopolitics to everyday life problems and discussing them with different people near me, trying to find out their perspective on the same.

I wanted to reach out to more people and share my ideas but didn’t know how to move forward. That’s when, one of my friends motivated me to start a blog… Coz, of course! What else can be a better way to express myself and connect with diverse people than through my own personal blog? So, I took the idea, mustered up some courage and came up with “RHEALITY


The main focus of the blog is to keep things simple! And gain as many perspectives as possible. It would focus on all the burning issues ranging from geopolitics, environment, space, technology to simple everyday life problems faced by people and what we can do to strive for a better life.
I hope you guys like the blog and help it grow by sharing your insights as well.

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